The Killer Instinct


The Story Room podcast talks “Walking Dead”and”GAME OF THRONES”

July 30, 2017

Part 1 of JK Cline and Cody Walker San Diego Comic con trailer break down talking Walking dead season 8 trailer and Game of thrones season 7 trailer.

We talk Walking dead scenes and compare them to the comic "All out war".

Old man Rick explained.

Backstage news on Walking dead season 8.

Some comic talk and what Robert Kirtman said about the future of walking dead and rumors.

Game of thrones we talk The first two episode of Season 7.

Rumors on who will die and Jk Cline gives his prediction on what the Mad Queen could do.

Rumors on the end of Season 7 and what the white walker will be doing.

Theory's that Fan have of the ending and what could happen this season and some history of Game of thrones all here on "The story room".

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