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The Killer Instinct Podcast part 2 of the comic con trailer Breakdown talking “Horror movies”

August 5, 2017

The Killer Instinct Podcst part 2 of the comic con trailer Breakdown talking "Horror movies"

Jk Cline , Blood beard Shope(Faces of fear) and Cody Walker (Walker report, Stroy Room) we talk th trailers of,

Leatherface, IT, Jigsaw, My Friend Dahmer, Stranger things season 2, Tells from the Cyrpt.

Jk Cline goes over,

News on the HBO leaks and Game of Thrones (none spoliers),

News on the new spawn movie and Jk Cline thoughts on the 1998 movie,

A little talk on Netflex dropping some new Horror movies , The Void, House on Willow street and XX.

News on Faces of Fear and MSK Sketch Comedy.

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