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Faces of Fear review Rob Zombie “Halloween”

Faces of Fear review Rob Zombie "Halloween"

With JK Cline, Blood Beard Shope, No Fear Beth.
We go over our Halloween plans and where we will be at and what we are going has.
We do a full review of Rob Zombie "Halloween" with thoughts on each scenes.
We have a invasion of evil barking dogs in the background sorry about that.
Go over the Michael Myers Character and how he came to be.
Also Blood Beard gives us the story on how the Famous Myers Mask was made.
and more on this Halloween addition of The faces of Fear...
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Enjoy and Happy Halloween 2015!!

Faces of Fear Round table discuss and review The Green Inferno and Cannibal Holocaust

Faces of Fear Round table discuss and review The Green Inferno and Cannibal Holocaust.

We got JK Cline,No Fear Beth, and Matt"Blood Beard"Shope on the show..
We discuss our views on both movies and compare them...
We go over the cast, blood scenes, realism, and what was more intense story..
All this and more on a new Faces of Fear on the day of the dead....
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Enjoy the day of the dead and this podcast!!!

Faces of Fear with No Fear Beth review Clown by Eli Roth

Countdown to Halloween is on right now on The Faces of Fear...

JK Cline and No Fear Beth review Clown by Eli Roth....
Full rundown of this movie and where to find it....
We talk about why people fear of Clowns...
Greg shares a boyscout story...
and much more has we start our Halloween countdown...
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Also on Halloween Check out JK Cline newest movie 
Corkscrew Massacre... 

Asylum years with Matt’Blood beard” Shope on The Killer Instinct Podcast “Story Room”.

Asylum years with Matt'Blood beard" Shope on The Killer Instinct Podcast "Story Room".

Our first edition of "Story Room" JK Cline and Blood Beard talk about different story and tells of Asylums.
We get into early story of Asylums....
What kind of different practice where going on at the time back then and now..
We hear Blood Beard first hand experience in the Asylum and what they are called now a days..
We also hear about story of different types of asylums..
And some treat they used back then that still gets used today..
All this and more on "Story Room" first edition..
The "story Room" section of The Killer Instinct Podcast is where JK Cline talk to guest on a subject of the unknown
Has in Ghost story's, Aliens, Asylum, urban legends, and serial killers of the past and present.

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Killer Instinct Pre Halloween Round table 2

Killer Instinct Pre Halloween Round table 2

We got Blood Beard Shope, Area 51 Sobeck, and No fear herself Beth
We talk all kinds of Halloween goodness..
We get into our memories has a kid trick or treating with a great "balls" story by Blood beard
We get into Ghost stories with the no fear Skype Ghost
Sobeck sweet hair 
Sleep Paralysis and shadow people..
Chemicals in the brain..
Alot of Drinking....
Blair Witch Back story..
As well has Slender Man story.
And our Favorite Halloween Outfits
All this and more 
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Jk cline review this alone and explains why..
Talks about all the new video and podcast coming out in October...
Talks about his Rowdy Piper memories on his pro wrestling career..
Full review of the movie..
and talks a bit about  the "obey" logo from this movie and what artis made it his brand..
and more 
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