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Faces Of Fear Review Of Dracula A.D. 1972 With Melissa Tucker From The Band “The Orange”

Faces Of Fear Review Of Dracula A.D. 1972 With Melissa Tucker From The Band "The Orange" Also with a in and out appearance From Scoot Tucker from the Orange...

With Melissa Tucker we talk all about her art and some talk of her first art opening
Talk how she join her Brothers Band The Orange
How To get Dates and how much she gets hit on!!!!
and other great Stories...Also 
With a full Review of Dracula A.D. 1972 with insight and opinions on the movie,,,
Also comparing this movie to the band The Orange and how can we party at a rich Peoples Houses 
And Much Much more on this episode with a special song From The Orange new Album Sharing Vitamins (Doomsday For Mr.Denton)  
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Memorial Weekend Special on The Killer Instinct With Mike “The Navy man” Montijo and Texas Frightmare weekend coverage

Memorial Weekend Special on The Killer Instinct Podcast With Mike "The Navy man" Montijo and Texas Frightmare weekend coverage and some words from Uber Kia panel.......

From Mike we Get:
Navy Stories
How Greg and Mike meet and work
Mikes bouncer stories...
and other madness.... 
And talking bar stories to come soon on the website,,,
Texas Frightmare weekend coverage....
Greg and Mike talk there days at the event and what went on..
Uber Kia Panel:
Talks some funny stories on his all around career.
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Killer Instinct Podcast with Eddie and Cody Walker

The brand new episode of the Killer Instinct Podcast with Comic talk and review of the new Avengers movie age of ultron with Cody "the true walker" Walker we talk all kinds of great comics out there some marvel , dc and even horror comic and we compare the Ultron comic to the Avenger movie. Also another special guest The hardest working man in Dallas Texas Eddie well give us some insight into the film world and how to start a movie project up and how to find funding and how to work with people and connect to get your name out there. We also talk his work on his awesome movies and his work with the Orange all coming Monday with a opening by JK Cline going down the list of the cast and names coming to the brand new season 5 of American horror story.............listen and Learn

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